Open News Net

The Open News Network is a press service and community communications, research, training and design resource for multi-media civic journalism groups.

ONN reporting and press services cover a variety of subjects, from green policy to community journalism to public -private space consortia to sustainable business, and are periodically released through web, print, radio and television outlets.

The current ONN project is concerned with press service networking, providing research and funding support to community journalists and media developers focussing on
  • Sustainable communities
  • Science policy  
  • Design/media synergies
  • Community archives, oral histories and re-visioning 
  • Collaborative and investigative reporting 

From 1999-2005, ONN contributed resources to a number of documentary and community communications projects, including a number of blogs and online media campaigns. From 2006 - 2009, ONN provided news, opinion and news syndication support for several community based news services and media projects (For links and archives, start here ).

Current Project Update 4-15-13: 

Community Memory

Community Memory supports the development of journalism, archives, oral history and analysis for historic and emerging community based organizations, networks and movements. 

Often, the histories and critical moments of decision in small organizations and divergent opinions within movements are lost from view, neither documented nor remembered.  Even when documented, such materials are rarely curated and made available to inform future decision making and understanding.

Community Memory provides a range of tools, training, syndication and outreach opportunities:


  • Curation
  • Communications
  • Community and Investigative Journalism
  • Collaborative Participatory Action Research for Social Networks

Active Community Memory Projects include:

  • Dreamweavers: Alumni Documentation and Mentoring Apps and Services
  • Liberal Religious Youth Movements: Roads Not Taken
  • Immigration and Education
  • Grassroots Energy And Movement: Stories from the Heartland
  • J.D. Bernal: Future Histories Past and Yet to Come
  • Sustainable Community Media / Design Networks Synergy
  • New Schools for Old
  • Sustainable Neighborhoods and Ecovillages Documentation

ONN continues to provide journalist credentialing and support, while focussing on "post-blogosphere" development opportunities for community journalism and communications.

New websites and services are regularly released through news services and partner sites and occasionally reposted here. We look forward to your participation as the work evolves.