OpenNewsNet: Correspondents and Contributing Organizations

ONN provides credentialing for journalists on ONN current assignments and for community journalism partnerships.   To contact ONN regarding assignment opportunities or credentials please email

OpenNewsNet Credentialed Correspondents:

Stephon Barbour

Jane Laura Doyle, DV.M.

Jerry Ellinger

Tom Fitzgerald J.D.

Whit Forrester

Michael Funke

Pat Germany M.A.

Teena Halbig M.A.

Jerry Hardt

David Morse

Melanie Schikore,  Ph.D.

David Silverman

Cherise Williams

Interested  in writing or producing as an ONN journalist? 

We are actively inviting new correspondents and contributing organizations.

To contribute stories or story ideas, please post a comment or email us at

If you or your organization would like to write or distribute news and information through Open, please contact us at Please include your newsfeed or web address as well as telephone contact. Thank you.

Contributing Organizations: