Interview With Judy Wicks on Sustainable Business Networks

Judy Wicks on Sustainable Business Networks:

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Judy Wicks will be in Louisville, KY, April 20 and 21, 2008.

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This interview will also be broadcast and streamed the week of April 12- 19 and April 20-27 on Louisville's Community Radio, WXBH - FM 92.7

KFTC Action Alert: Take action to protect Sloan's Valley from mountaintop removal mining

Stopping Mountaintop Removal and Valley Fills in Sloans Valley and Everywhere
Read and take action to protect the Lake Cumberland and the cave system in Sloans Valley
Dear Jerry,
The failure of Stream Saver legislation to win enough votes to get out of a House committee was a frustrating but momentary setback. However, the campaign to stop the senseless destruction of our mountains and streams by mountaintop removal and valley fills continues unabated and grows stronger. Here are some of the current activities:
  • with the Kentucky Waterways Alliance and Sierra Club, KFTC members are challenging a proposed 240-acre coal refuse ³sludge pond² in Perry County that would be less than a mile from the Kentucky River;
  • next week, KFTC members will be part of a group of more than 100 coalfield activists lobbying in Washington DC, asking members of Congress to pass the Clean Water Protection Act to reverse a 2002 Bush administration rule change that allows the dumping of mining wastes into streams;
  • in the eastern Kentucky coalfields we are using the publicity around the Stream Saver hearings to create public dialogue about the burying of streams;
  • the Alliance For Appalachia (a new regional alliance with groups from KY, WV, VA, TN and NC and a goal of ending mountaintop removal coal mining, of which KFTC is a founding member) is in the process of hiring an organizer to help coordinate regional efforts to stop mountaintop removal;
  • at a United Methodist Church Caring for Creation Conference, KFTC members made presentations about mountaintop removal as we continue to collaborate with faith communities around this issue.
One campaign we'd like to highlight is the efforts of residents of the Sloan's Valley community in Pulaski County to stop a mountaintop removal permit. This proposed mining represents an expansion of the geographic area where mountaintop removal is taking place. The proposed mine also threatens the world-class Sloan's Valley Cave System (listed in the Atlas of Great Caves of the World) and the pristine Neeley¹s Creek (which drain into Lake Cumberland), and would disturb the location of Harriette Simpson Arnow's masterpieces about Kentucky, its people, culture and natural beauty.
Sloans Valley residents are using a ³Lands Unsuitable for Mining² petition as their strategy for stopping this mining. The ³Designated Land² in the permit is the catchment area for Sloan's Valley and Neely's Creek Cave System. KFTC is an official party to this petition.
The Kentucky Division of Mine Permits has schedule a public hearing to receive public input on this Lands Unsuitable petition for Thursday, April 10 at the Burnside Elementary School starting at 6:30 p.m. (directions below). Anybody who can come to the hearing and support the local residents in their campaign would be most welcome.
You can also click here to add your name to a petition by citizens concerned about the expansion of mountaintop removal, the potential damage for local residents, the threats to a world class cave system, and the disregard for the historic and cultural connection to the writings of Harriette Simpson Arnow.
1. Find your way to Somerset using the best route from your location.
2. From Somerset you want to get on Highway 27 South. Go about 8 miles on Hwy 27 south.
3. Cross the Pittman Creek Bridge, continuing through the Route 1247/90 intersection (go under the unfinished overpass). As you approach the next bridge, get in the right lane.
4. Take the very first right after the bridge - there is a green sign with an arrow for Burnside Elementary School.
5. Turn right onto Lakeshore Drive (follow green signs for school).
6. Burnside Elementary School is about 0.3 miles.
If you want to MapQuest your route, the address for the school is: 435 East Lakeshore Drive, Burnside KY 42519.

Action Alert: Passage of HB 70 would allow Kentuckians to change our constitution to restore the vote automatically to ex-offenders.

update for Project RESTORE H.O.P.E.
From Katrina Byrnes
Kentucky Alliance Agianst Racial and Political Repression
The bill passed the House 80 Yeas 14 Nays
but we are not in the clear yet...
HB 70 would need to get on the fast track for passage. It needs to begin getting "readings", three of which are required. The first reading must take place today, in order to get three readings in by day 60, April 15. So, please ask your constituencies to begin calling the legislative message line - 800 372 7181 and leaving this message for Senators Williams and Kelly"
You could say :
"Senator, please fast track HB 70 by giving the bill its first reading today. It is important that those who have returned to society after paying their debt for breaking the law be allowed to vote automatically. Passage of HB 70 would allow Kentuckians to change our constitution to restore the vote automatically to ex-offenders. Thank you."

KFTC Action Alert: Restoration of voting rights amendment passes out of the House

Restoration of voting rights amendment passes out of the House
Dear Jerry,
House Bill 70 to Restore Voting Rights to Former Felons who have served their debt to society has finally been called up for a vote on the House Floor today and passed with an overwhelming 80 "yes" votes to 14 "no" votes!
We're not at all happy that the House took took so very long to act on this bill, giving very little chance for it to get through the Senate, but we're very pleased that the bill did pass by such a wide margin.
The six floor amendments to the bill that KFTC opposed were all defeated, but Rep. Sal Santoro of Boone County, attached an amendment that exempted former felons convicted of manslaughter from the automatic restoration. KFTC opposes this change because we want all former felons to have the same chance to get their rights back.
We now have a short window of opportunity to put pressure on the Senate on this issue. It's your call that could make a big difference on whether or not they act on it this year.
Call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181 any time from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.
Leave a message for "Senate Republican and Democratic leadership" (David Williams, Katie Stine, Dan Kelly, Dan Seum, Carroll Gibson, Ed Worley, Johnny Ray Turner and Joey Pendleton) and your own senator.
Message: "Please support House Bill 70 and expand it to restore voting rights to all former felons."
Thank you for taking action!

THE KENTUCKY GREEN ENERGY ROADSHOW 2008 - Morehead Roadshow on March 8th Cancelled Due to Weather - Re-scheduled for April 26th.

Presenting Workshops on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Green Building

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Morehead Roadshow on March 8th Cancelled Due to Weather - Re-scheduled for April 26th.

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DateLocationEarly Registration DeadlineTimes
March 29LondonMarch 198:30 am - 5:00 pm
April 5OwensboroApril 3
April 12Northern Kentucky UniversityApril 9
April 26MoreheadApril 23