KFTC Action Alert: Restoration of voting rights amendment passes out of the House

Restoration of voting rights amendment passes out of the House
Dear Jerry,
House Bill 70 to Restore Voting Rights to Former Felons who have served their debt to society has finally been called up for a vote on the House Floor today and passed with an overwhelming 80 "yes" votes to 14 "no" votes!
We're not at all happy that the House took took so very long to act on this bill, giving very little chance for it to get through the Senate, but we're very pleased that the bill did pass by such a wide margin.
The six floor amendments to the bill that KFTC opposed were all defeated, but Rep. Sal Santoro of Boone County, attached an amendment that exempted former felons convicted of manslaughter from the automatic restoration. KFTC opposes this change because we want all former felons to have the same chance to get their rights back.
We now have a short window of opportunity to put pressure on the Senate on this issue. It's your call that could make a big difference on whether or not they act on it this year.
Call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181 any time from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.
Leave a message for "Senate Republican and Democratic leadership" (David Williams, Katie Stine, Dan Kelly, Dan Seum, Carroll Gibson, Ed Worley, Johnny Ray Turner and Joey Pendleton) and your own senator.
Message: "Please support House Bill 70 and expand it to restore voting rights to all former felons."
Thank you for taking action!

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