“Harvest the Power”A Green Film Festival

“Harvest the Power”

A Green Film Festival


Movies and Discussion

Focusing on Sustainable Living, Environmental Justice, and Stewardship 

January 23rd – March 21st  -- Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:30 pm 

Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church

4936 Brownsboro Rd.  Louisville, KY 40222 

Free -- Open to the public 

  Jan 23 -- The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community - David Korten suggests we face a choice between two contrasting models.  

  Jan 30 --  Kilowatt Ours, A Plan to Re-Energize America – Shows Southeast  electricity sources and how conservation and renewable sources lower energy use 

  Feb 06  -- Mountains Mourning - Brings immediate focus to the effect of mountaintop removal coal mining on the land and its people. 

  Feb 13  --  The True Cost of Food - Sierra Club animated movie about the extended costs of commercial food. 

  Feb 20  --  Til The River Runs Clear - The story of the clean-up of the Hudson River in the 60's; An "inspiring tale of activism." 

  Feb 27  --  Escape From Affluenza -  This PBS special provides practical solutions to  epidemic  stress, waste, over consumption and environmental decay 

March 05 – The Next Industrial Revolution– An Invitation To A Revolution - Brings together ecology and human design 

March 12 – Mercury Rising - Sierra Club film about mercury in the environment by Kentucky film producer, Chris Korrow 

March 19 – Monumental, David Brower's Fight For Wild America – “Brower invented modern American environmental activism. This film tells you how and why." John Nielson, NPR 

For questions, call (502) 425-6943

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