Kentucky tax deductions for veg oil wrote:

Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 11:54:09 EST
Subject: Kentucky tax deductions for veg oil

Dear friends,

Please contact your KY state legislators regarding this important legislation. Click the link for contact information and copy/paste the message below:

For those of you not residing in KY, please encourage similar laws in your state.

"I am contacting you about new legislation being sponsored by Rep. Jim Wayne and Rep. Larry Clark this January to encourage more alternative fuel use in Kentucky. GoodOil and their customers collect used cooking oil from restaurants that is typically disposed of illegally in sewers or the landfill (most small restaurants are reluctant to pay for rendering service collection and dumpster rental fees).

This valuable resource is used to fuel diesel vehicles, and GoodOil has converted over 50 vehicles at their shop in Louisville. The oil burns 30%-40% cleaner than diesel, costs less than $2 per gallon to process, and is not purchased from foreign sources, so the environmental, economic, and national security benefits are obvious (click this link to the National Veg Oil Board for more information:

This legislation offers tax incentives encouraging diesel owners to convert their vehicles to run on new and used cooking oil. Several other states have already passed similar laws, including Illinois, North Carolina, Arkansas, with many others planning to do so. A recent Forbes magazine survey ranked Kentucky 45th in the US for green initiatives, so please help us make our air cleaner and Kentucky less dependent on foreign oil. This legislation is really a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity. Thanks!"

Marty Hanka, PEEnvironmental Engineer
GoodOil, LLC

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