LSF Louisville Sustainability Forum Updates

LSF Louisville Sustainability Forum 
Sponsored by Heine Brothers' Coffee, Earth & Spirit Center, Howard Mason, and Jan Pfeifer 

April ?
12 noon to 1:45 pm

Join us at the Barn behind St. Agnes Church and the Passionist Monastery, 1924 Newburg Rd. 

Park in the St. Agnes Church lot and walk behind the church to the barn.

Please be mindful that the Barn is used for a meditation class just before the meeting 
and is open for LSF use only after 11:30am.

The program for April is yet to be confirmed           
You are invited to bring your lunch, and/or bring (any amount of) food to share with others:  fruit, bagels, veggies, crackers, cheese & spreads for snacking.  Heine Brothers will provide coffee.

Still seeking 5 minute presenters, greeters, food, set up, & clean up help

The purpose of the Louisville Sustainability Forum 
 1.  We hold and promote the intention of sustainability for Louisville. 
 2.  We establish and nourish relationships that strengthen community and create change. 
 3   We create a space for discussion that inspires, motivates and deepens our ability to catalyze social change. 

LSF Louisville Sustainability Forum Updates

If you have an update to share with the 
LSF mailing list or wish to be added to 
the LSF mailing list please email 
Doug Lowry

1) Sustainable Clifton Social Group-Meet Eat and Socialize
    Sunday March 16 6-7:30

2) Building a Sustainable Presence in Local Politics- Pland and Take Political Action 
    Meeting again Tuesday March 18 7:30-8:30 am 

3) Stream Saver Bill Update from KFTC- Thank those legislators who acted in support

4)  Investing in Sustainable Food Systems Worldwide- Give Input in Global Investing

5) Sustainable Urban Forests- Complete Survey for Organization Represenatives

1) Sustainable Clifton Social Group
Our potluck will be 6-7:30 pm this Sunday March 16 at the Clifton Center (right 
after the ecological group meeting in the same place). It's on Clifton between 
Payne and Frankfort, behind Caffe Classico.  We'll chat and eat and discuss some 
of our ideas for creating a more social neighborhood.

Please bring any and all ideas, and some friends and family, too, enough food 
for your party + three. We'll talk about what we like, what we'd like to change, 
and what groups of people you feel like you want to connect with but don't know 
how. We'll discuss the Social aspect ties in with the rest of Sustainable 
Clifton/ Gaia Education activities. We'll finish at 7:30 on the dot.

For those who can't make it, it would be great if you sent along your ideas by 
e-mail so we can make sure they're not left out. We'll move the meeting days and 
times around so that everyone has a chance to participate.


2. Building a Sustainable Presence in Local Politics

Meeting again Tuesday March 18 7:30-8:30 am
Heine Bros Eastern Pkway at Bardstown Road
Please join us and or indicate your interest by email.

We are working to connect with folks who touch sustainability from any number of portals.Our goal is to build a consistent sustainability presence in local politics. Who you know know who that would help represent this key interest area and help network with others who want to impact Louisville Metro Council members and the Jefferson County Legislative Delegation in particular, but other elected officials and other public policy arenas as well?

We are looking at vetting candidates for the upcoming primaries and offering a green view of those running for office. A first step is to develop a candidate response form based on issues important to Jefferson County residents.  We need your input. If you have members you know who might help us work toward consistent cohesive political action on behalf of sustainability, please forward this email and invite them to attend Tuesday March 18 at 7:30 a.m. or email to or for more information.

Also looking for liaisons in each Metro Council District as well as Jefferson County House and Senate members. Who can call email visit or write consistently regarding sustainabilty issues or help vet candidates? 

Doug Lowry

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