Stream Saver Vote Today!!

Stream Saver Vote TODAY!! 

I'm sure you've heard: The Stream Saver Bill is up for a vote today. 

The Appropriations and Revenue committee of the Kentucky Legislature is voting on the stream saver bill today at 4pm in the Capitol Annex room 154. If you want to go to  Frankfort and carpool come to the office at 2:45. (901 Franklin Street at Campbell 40206). 

If you thought I Love Mountains Day was exciting, imagine the 
excitement of this historic vote. This is the first time that 
legislators will be asked to vote on this important legislation. We 
need you there, we need your support. 

If you can't make it please make sure that you've called the 
legislative message line (1-800-372-7181) and leave a message for all 
of the House Appropriations and Revenue members. 

Sample message: "Your support for Rep. Pasley's stream saver 
legislation is very important. Please support an end to the dumping of 
mines wastes into our headwater streams." 

Thank you so much for all of your work. This is a truly exciting time. 

Jessica George 
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth 

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